I work in a contemporary abstracted way. This involves the viewer to make their own interpretation into the artwork and allows for the possibilities the audience themselves can make or achieve. Therefore this is why I continue to work in abstraction in a painterly expressive way. I like to imply what the artistic marks within the artwork can be deciphering but all in all I tend to let the one viewing the artwork gain their own understanding through ‘their’ interpretation. This differs as much of the past modern art movements of the Ninetieth and Twentieth Century where the artists’ view (and/or ‘his’ view) was considered most dominant. This is what makes my artworks contemporary art; the art is intended to engage the audience in this way. As an artist I also enjoy the materials used such as the raw pigments with the oil onto artists’ linen that I directly use to paint onto. This juxtaposition of the old world materials with a contemporary approach outlines the approach to the artworks.

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